Assessment Framework

Assessment Framework for ‘Looked-after Children’

A fundamental principle of Five Rivers is to provide a comprehensive assessment prior to and during early stages of placement refining and clarifying the needs of each child.

This assessment is reviewed regularly and updated as there is progress and further needs become apparent.

We have developed the following services and clinical framework to aid the thorough care planning for children and young people.

This structure will be accessed based on the utilisation of our evidence based assessment within our integrated services.

Singleton Homes:

Provision of environments to assist and prepare children and young people to attain an group living residential child care placement or ability to be supported in a foster placement.

Assessment Centre

Specialist assessment unit where assessment process over a 3 month period clearly helps to identify what the best care options, risk assessment and interventions are going to best meet the needs of the child e.g. provides clear guidance on whether foster or residential care environments are optimal to meet the Child’s needs

Group Living

Residential child care environments providing a focused experience, aiming to assist the change to ultimately attain a family type placement where assessed as part of the integrated care plan Intensive Specialist Foster Care: Provision of high intensity support to children and young people. For instance, children leaving the residential care environment would be assisted in the transition with continued involvement of the key staff from the child’s residential care environment and practice based knowledge is able to be automatically transferred from one part of the care model to the other.

Specialist Foster Care

Children who still require a level of specialist support for challenging behaviours; Foster Care / Family: Child able to be cared for within a non-supported family system e.g. ability to return to family home if part of integrated care plan with very limited support and intervention


We also provide specialist educational advice, training and support to our colleagues in the fostering and residential services as part of the wider national Five Rivers Child Care network. Our strategic partnerships allow us to offer a variety of educational ‘Outreach’ options for vulnerable learners in our care and those unable to access full time education for whatever reason.