Service Overview

Five Rivers Child Care offers a comprehensive range of Assessment and Therapy services that enable each looked-after child to have access to resources appropriate to their need.

Our approach is both clinical and therapeutic and based upon well developed theories, through this we are able to deliver high impact sector leading services.

Over two decades, Five Rivers Child Care has drawn on well-developed theories underpinning our work of even greater importance is our understanding and experience of how to put theory into practice.

Within each service, practitioners are selected to deliver targeted interventions, therapeutic communication and emotional competence through authentic warmth within authoritative parenting style which predicts child well-being across a wide spectrum of services. Our Assessment and Therapy Services are part of the core of the organisation, enabling us to deliver psychological well-being for the children we commit to looking after.

Service Principles

Assessment is carried out comprehensively prior to and during early stages of placement refining and clarifying the needs of each child. This assessment is reviewed regularly and updated as there is progress and further needs become apparent.


“Each Child is understood within a framework linked to therapeutic interventions and positive Outcomes”

Vision And Values

  • To provide an evidence based practice model of Integrated Child Care to ensure a ‘positive trajectory’ of outcomes for all looked after children;
  • Every child is unique and deserves the best support to maximise their potential and ensure recovery from adverse childhood experiences;
  • Every child has the right to experience the optimal care environment and parenting practice to meet their needs and as an organisation we will strive to support each child to attain a family type placement (where assessed as appropriate as part of their Individual Integrated Care Plan
  • Evidenced based assessment needs to be able to assess change and effectiveness of an integrated care plan
  • As the individual child’s needs change and evolve, it is essential that the consideration of placement needs are continually assessed to ensure its optimising developmental, educational, health, social and emotional needs
  • To provide expert guidance and commitment to those we work in partnership with to strive to attain the best possible outcomes for each and every child.

Our integrated care model which is provided by the application of the Five Fundamental services, creates an opportunity for highly individualised care planning and structuring to ensure all children’s outcomes continue to be on a positive trajectory.

The broad spectrum of professional services offered by Five Rivers Child Care means that a young person who is beyond the reach of many residential units can work their way through individual (singleton) units where they have intensive input and learn self-control to the extent where they can mix and live with others in a residential home or family placement.

Key areas of work are focused on bringing up the quality of social relationships, to learn compassion for others, to learn to respect for each other and to show respect to those in authority, to improve anger management so that violence and aggression is brought to a level where it is within normal, good ranges for a teenager.

Within our clinical environments they are taught about how relationships work and how to be in a close relationships without them being exploitative and objectifying.

Specialist help in areas of drug, alcohol and smoking dependency are also available. Within our fostering services many carers have years of experience and training and have specialist skills such as managing to care for complex sibling groups.

The failure rate in Five Rivers Child Care of placements is incredibly low.

The success of this is put down to the clinical teams, Social Workers, Residential Practitioners, Educationalist that provide support and training for the carers within our services across a several different types care settings, ensuring a multi-disciplinary approach for the preparation of children in specialist placements.

The sense of belonging and integration is important to everyone in Five Rivers Child Care. Many children and young people achieve a sense of belonging after years of rejection, trauma and hurt.

These children and young people have been so damaged over prolonged periods of time it is important to see that working together and producing children capable of living a life is a worthwhile outcome and one that is being achieved now and has been throughout the history of Five Rivers Child Care.

Our purpose and core belief as a social enterprise is to support the psychological well-being of children in our care. We deliver a wide range of specialist placements for children and young people that require high-impact professional support. Our services have been developed with clinical oversight in order to deliver meaningful interventions for Looked-after children.

Five Rivers works with a number of health agencies throughout the UK across a number of services.

The Tiered structure of our programmes have been carefully designed and developed to work alongside primary care trust, NHS trusts, Local Authorities, and Education throughout public sector.

Our approach supports us in order to deliver targeted services for children with diagnosed or undiagnosed needs.

The multi-disciplinary teams at Five Rivers Child Care are supported by clinical oversight by qualified mental health professionals access to these include:

  • Chartered Psychologist
  • Child Psychologist
  • UKCIP Psychotherapists

We are able to undertake specific assessments for children and young people in our care through either a clinical assessment or via our residential assessment centre at Clannad.

We also have developed a close working relationships with a number of clinicians who provide us with direct training, working alongside and consult weekly with our residential children’s homes to deliver targeted therapeutic interventions. Working with a range of professionals helps and supports our evidence based integrated services processes for joint planning and reviews across health, social care and education.