Fountain House

Fountain House is designed to educate a maximum of 6 pupils who are already being cared for by Five Rivers Child Care.

Whilst the pupils walk around the outside to get to school in the morning, during the school day, facilities within the home can be safely accessed across the playing area. Within the Education Suite there is a classroom, an ICT and reading room and two toilets. The main classroom is located upstairs and benefits from a high ceiling and lots of natural light. Downstairs there is an ICT and reading room, which again benefits from natural light from the large window.

The computer area has two PCs and a printer/copier, which are all connected to the internet. There is room for two pupils to sit at each PC. There is also a reading area with two comfortable chairs and a large selection of reading books. The books cover a wide range of reading abilities as well as a wide range of interests, including fiction and non-fiction.

The following are available to download:

Performance Data

Fountain House Ofsted Report
Fountain House Academic Report


Fountain House Prospectus

Our Policies

Fountain House Education Safeguarding Policy
Fountain House Assessment Policy
Fountain House Anti-Bullying Policy
Fountain House School Complaints Policy
Fountain Houses SEND Policy
Fountain House Curriculum Policy
Fountain House Internet Policy
Fountain House Behaviour Policy
Fountain House Educational Visits Policy
Fountain House Attendance Policy
Fountain House Health and Safety Policy
Fountain House First Aid Policy

Please  note that the following policies are available on request:

  • First Aid
  • Health & Safety Policy
Please contact for copies.