What is Fostering?

Fostering involves children and young people being cared for by a person or people who are not members of their own birth family.

They become their foster carers and provide them with stability, security and a warm, safe, caring environment in which they can positively thrive.

Fostering differs from adoption in that adoption ends a child’s legal relationship with their birth family; whereas children and young people in foster care remain the legal responsibility of the local authority and/or their birth parents.

Children and young people placed with our foster carers come from a diverse range of backgrounds and have different needs depending on their experiences; we carefully and considerately match the needs of children and young people with the skills of our foster carers.

The matching is imperative to maximise the potential for stable placements where children, young people, foster carers and their families can thrive.

Foster care placements vary in length; some children and young people may return home after a short break whereas others will remain in longer term foster care.