Children’s Homes

Children’s Homes

Children’s Homes are residential environments that enable children to live within a safe, secure and structured environment. Some Children may not be able to live within a family due to traumatic past experiences. Our Children’s Homes have teams of highly-skilled, qualified professionals who are trained to deliver therapeutic residential child care.

They are also supported by a robust practice model with clinical input to enable the recovery of children placed with Five Rivers.

Five Rivers provides the following children’s homes that support the transitions of ‘Looked-after Children’ throughout our ‘Integrated Care Planning Model’.


Singleton Children’s Homes

Provision of environments to assist and prepare children and young people to attain a group living residential child care environment, or the ability to be supported in a family placement.

Key task is stabilisation and preparation for successful transitions to Group Living.

Residential Reg No Area Gender /Age Placements
SC060118 Wiltshire Male/Female 11-16 1
SC060520 Devon Male/Female 11-16 1
SC362965 Dorset Male/Female 8-17 1

Residential Assessment Centres

Specialist residential assessment unit, where over a 3 month period it clearly helps to identify what the best care options, risk assessment and interventions are going to best meet the needs of the child. Provides clear guidance on whether foster or residential care environment are optimal to meet the child need.

Key Task is to provide an accurate assessment of optimal care placement and integrated care plan for the child.

Residential Reg No Area Gender /Age Placements
SC006921 Kent Male/Female 11-16 5

Group Living Children’s Homes

Residential child care environment providing a focused experience, aiming to assist the change to ultimately attain a family type placement where assessed as part of the integrated care plan.

Key Task is to work with the child to support their move to a family placement.

Residential Children’s Home Reg No Area Gender /Age Placements
SC060118 Wiltshire Female 11-16 6
SC060520 Devon Male/Female 11-16 2
SC010762 London Male/Female 11-16 6
SC059755 Wiltshire Male 11-16 5
SC411208 Somerset Male/Female 11-18 4
SC025938 Essex Male/Female 11-16 6
SC010769 London Male/Female 12-18 3