Fountain House

Fountain House

Residential Child Care – Group Living, Leeds

  • Age: 7-11
  • Capacity: Up to 6
  • Gender: Male & Female

“Young people say they feel safe at the home and rate their safety ‘ten out of ten'” 

 – Ofsted 2015

Fountain House, Leeds, has an Ofsted rating of “Good”. The service has been specifically designed to meet the needs of younger children, aged 7 to 11 on admission, who require a period of residential care to help them to safely overcome the negative experiences that have led to them living away from their families. The home has been redesigned and furnished to provide a calming, child-centred environment in which children are encouraged and supported to flourish and to aim towards living once more in a family setting.

Fountain House also offers education to Key Stage 2 and preparation for transition to Key Stage 3 in mainstream education in our DfE registered school which we have set up to provide a safe, nurturing and enriching sanctuary which will reclaim childhoods and act as a therapeutic bridge to restore children to their full potential.

Our in-house psychotherapists, experienced manager, residential care team and education staff use a model of trauma- and attachment-informed practice helping children through re-parenting to heal and recover from their traumatic experiences. The over-riding outcome we work towards with colleagues in Five Rivers’ Fostering service is a bespoke placement with our own specially selected and highly-supported and trained foster carers.

The service is set up to address the needs of children who:

  • Are identifiable through a pattern of foster placements ending prematurely,
  • Display indications of behavioural and emotional difficulties as a result of complex trauma (attachment or trauma symptoms),
  • Are able and would benefit from living alongside other children.


“Staff are intuitive to young people’s needs and get to know them, using good engagement skills to secure positive attachments. This leads to young people feeling safe and secure”

– Ofsted 2015


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