Ebble House

Ebble House

Residential Child Care – Group Living Salisbury

Ebble House, Salisbury is a well-established children’s home with Ofsted rating of Outstanding.

  • Age: 10 – 18
  • Capacity: 5
  • Gender: Male
  • Placement Length: Medium to long term

“The children’s home provides highly effective services that consistently exceed the standards for good”

– Ofsted 2015

Ebble House offers five placements for boys aged from 10 to 18 and provides a high level of nurture in a comfortable, safe, positive environment which is managed and led to a very high standard.

The boys at Ebble come from a variety of backgrounds and experiences which have led to them presenting challenges and behaviours that require deep understanding and carefully constructed care plans and interventions outside of a family setting. Where young people are being placed far from home, staff work extra hard to facilitate communications and contact with social workers, independent reviewing officers and other professionals in the young person’s home area. This ensures minimal impact of distance from home on the young person.

“Everything is good, I can’t think of one thing that isn’t”

  Young person at Ebble House

Five Rivers offers an integrated range of services designed to support the boys and the staff:

  • Clinical services providing assessment and treatment,
  • Virtual Head engagement with mainstream schools and colleges,
  • Learning and development programmes for staff.

The staff team has been carefully selected, trained and developed to provide individual and bespoke responses to the boys’ needs and this has been recognised in their positive outcomes and achievements. The Registered Manager and staff team provide a home which offers normality, stability, routines and a sense of belonging back into the lives of the boys during their time at Ebble. Young people’s needs are brought to the forefront of day to day practise and a high level of care is exercised in choice of admissions to the home and new residents are introduced gradually.

There is a strong emphasis on developing life skills and social responsibility: the boys are involved in growing food in the garden and learn to cook with fresh produce; links have been developed with a local charity where boys learn skills as volunteers in a food bank as well as many other life skills.


“Young people have all made exceptionally positive progress since their arrival in the home.”

Ofsted 2015


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