Our North London Residential Children’s Homes cater for young people between 12 and 18 years.

Our Children’s Homes have permanent staff teams led by experienced managers and supported by Senior staff.

These homes operate as part of our wider Integrated Children’s Services throughout the London Boroughs including Emergency Residential Child Care Services Crisis Intervention Singleton Residential Care, Crisis Intervention,Assessment and Therapy, Respite and Foster Placements, Contracted services.

The Following services have been developed in partnership or to meet the specific requirements of our clients, from block Therapeutic Residential Care services, to contracts for groups of Children’s Homes.

  • Whymark Avenue – offers 3 placements
  • Goodmayes – offers 6 placements
  • Church Lane – offers 6 group living Residential Placements
  • Clannad – Residential Assessment Centre

Five Rivers have a proven track record in establishing and managing contracted services, working with a number of Local authorities to provide specialist Residential Care in a therapeutic environment to further explore the wide range of professional services that we have developed please contact our Placements Team.