Therapeutic Community

We have a Therapeutic community in the South & South West of England which has access to our specialist DfE registered schools and our clinical services which deliver targeted focused interventions.

We are a member of the Royal College of Psychiatry Community of Communities peer review network and The Consortium of Therapeutic Communities

Children and young person accessing these services will have experienced significantly poor attachment, neglect and emotional/other abuse.

It may be that having reached the point of being brought into the looked after system some time ago they may now not be coping in fostering placement. It is possible that they might be out of education or not having activities that they can enjoy (or that are likely to bring positive outcomes).

Across all our services we achieve good results in working with these types of challenging behaviours and welcome enquires and an opportunity to demonstrate how we would guide and ensure we attain the best outcomes for any child or young person.

3. To manage the outreach and preventative support service which delivers supportive services e.g. young people who have made successful transitions back into the community may benefit from gaining ongoing outreach support from the specialist team at Church Lane.

Church Lane

  • Community Based Service
  • Intensive Support to Independence
  • 1 Young Person
  • Outreach and Preventative Support Service
  • Community Residential Care
  • 5 Young People
  • (12-17 years)

We accept placements of male and female children and young 12 people aged between 12 – 17 years who can benefit from living in a residential community group living environment which seek to support effective transitions from residential care back to a community based setting (semi-independence, Independence, family etc).

As an organisation we believe this needs to begin and start to be thought about at the earliest opportunity, and therefore seek to support local authorities in placing young people who can benefit from a progressive service which will expect excellent co-ordination of the professional networks around the young person to attain successful outcomes.

The risks and needs of these children are not to a level where more intensive residential placement (matching risk assessment is completed on every placement) and as an organisation we have categorised our residential homes based on clear need and remit.

If a young person meets the threshold for a more therapeutic placement this will be clearly indicated in a referral to another appropriate service and not our community scheme.

Our Commitments

We are committed to:

1. In order to promote and attain attachments we have consistent, experienced and stable staff teams and are committed to NOT using agency staff;

2. We demonstrate resilience and demonstrate going the ‘extra mile’ to ensure the highest likelihood that children and young people develop a secure base and that we will not

reject them. When placements need to end this is done in a planned way with the child or young person’s best interests at the heart of everything we do;

3. To harness the integrated services of education, health and social care both within and outside of Five Rivers to optimise outcomes;

4. To ensure successful transitions to the right placement and develop a clear set of aspirational attainments in partnership with the child or young person;

5. To set clear expectations within our local authority partnerships and ensure effective multi-agency working to effectively manage risk;

6. Harness effective assessment to enable focused targeted interventions to improve emotional wellbeing.

For further information about these services
tel: 0800 389 8708 (option 2)
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"Young people live in a stable, caring and nurturing environment that supports them to address their past trauma and complex histories" - Ofsted 2015