Bourne House

Bourne House

Residential Child Care – Group Living, Salisbury

Bourne House is a Specialist Residential Service for Looked-after Children located in Salisbury for up to two young people who require a clear and planned stable placement.

  • Age: 8-18
  • Capacity: 2
  • Gender: Male
  • Placement length: Up to 18 months

“The home provides a high standard of individual care that is tailored to each young person”
– Ofsted

As the age range implies we acknowledge the importance of clear structured planning for young people who will eventually need to move on towards independence and the environment and supportive structures in place facilitate this effectively.

Ideally situated for those young people who require an intensively supported placement away from peer group and other adverse influences.

The staff team are experienced with working with young people who show a wide range of challenging behaviors and work with them to channel these to more positive results.

There are many varied activities that are on offer within the surrounding area. This has proven results with young people where they are able to feel more positive about education and learning especially if a school environment has been a negative experience for them in the past.

The young person placed at Bourne also has the opportunity to engage with peers at some of our local homes where appropriate.

Each Young Person is provided with a specific individualised package that is regularly reviewed with them and with the placing authority.

We are also proactive is assisting, through an assessment process, the placing authority to identify the most suitable placement for the young person to move on to and in helping with the transition process.

Bourne House Practice Model

At Bourne House we specialise in working in partnership with the young people in our care enabling them to move on from periods of difficulty in other environments such as group living or to divert them from negative or destructive behaviour.

We encourage this by:

  • Setting clear daily routines
  • Setting clear boundaries
  • Guiding any commitments
  • Working with the young person to identify and understand their mistakes, and how to put them right
  • Supporting their efforts
  • Give choices so they make their own

By respecting their individuality we provide opportunities for young people to improve their self-esteem through achievements in outdoor activities with links to education prior to enabling them to access full time curricular or further education. Thus acknowledging that for some young people education in a school / college environment is difficult to adapt to, especially if they have had negative experiences in the past.

We believe that change is always possible and that behaviour is within the control of the individual. We understand that behaviour is often a physical expression of the inner self. Using this awareness we work with young people to identify emotions and find more positive outlets for them. All young people are therefore valued and are of value because they are not being ‘written off’ according to labels or their behaviour.

All are capable of learning it is essential that the environment we create is a safe one for change and that part of this is strongly confronted and sanctioned and we expect the full support of the referring agencies in this.

This is especially important in terms of risk assessments for outdoor activities where these are part of the young person’s individual programme.

Young people are encouraged to develop responsibility for their own safety as well as the safety of others. Above all, we believe that it is important not to lose sight of the value of fun and joy as change agents for their restorative ability.

We encourage the use of creativity and fun and laughter in daily life. This is an integral part of the experience for all involved.

Bourne House Admission Criteria

Five Rivers specialises in providing medium to long term placements where there is:

  • A history of trauma, abuse or placement breakdown.
  • A focus on a planned return to the family home.
  • A planned focus on preparation to live within a family placement.
  • A need for a structured environment to provide safety and stability.

Each case will always be assessed individually.

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