Practice Model

Our Practice Model

How we work

Five Rivers’ child centred practice and interventions are delivered through the Five Fundamentals which flow throughout the whole organisation based on:

  • An authoritative relational re-parenting model
  • The elements in developing a child (within an organisational context of positivity, resilience and adaptability.) Utilising clear optimal expectations, firm boundaries and pro-active structures, authentic warmth, appropriate enablement and empowerment.
  • Adults are trained in recognising maladaptive aspects of behaviour and design specific effective therapeutic interventions in particular how to utilise the group context (family or team or group living) in order to bring about change.
  • Care, clinical, health & wellbeing and educational plans are integrated.  The plans are overseen by clinicians and reviewed regularly by the senior care practice team. Jointly, they bring in further expertise where this is needed, for example on gender/sexuality or disability issues.

Our practice and interventions are underpinned by action based research ensuring that outcomes match intentions.

Our interventions are driven by awareness that ‘giving children back their childhood’ will allow many of their systemic recycling opportunities to mend their negative earlier experiences.  This in turn forms the basis of their own adulthood and also their own positive parenting in the future.

Time is of the essence – every moment counts.

Remember how long a week is while you are a child and the impact of kind words and positive examples? 

We must make our opportunity to bring about change count.

High Impact – Sector Leading.