Five Rivers Child Care

Turning children’s lives around

Since 1989 Five Rivers has been helping children rediscover their childhood. Our purpose is to help children recover from neglect, abuse, trauma or family breakdown. Turning their lives around so they can flourish and fulfil their potential.
Innovative, expert and creative, we are a leader in this field and one of England’s most experienced providers.

Our services

From residential care and fostering to our own specialist education services, Five Rivers is a full-service child care resource, and proud to work with more than 135 local authorities and NHS Trusts.
Our principal services include:

We train and support rare and special people who can meet the intensive challenges of giving a vulnerable child the experience of family life.

This is where our story began, and today we run eight homes across England.

Simply, we regard education as the passport to every child’s future.

Crisis intervention
Five Rivers is called on in emergency situations (such as placement breakdowns) to bring calm and stability to children and teenagers of all ages.

Assessment & Therapy
Harnessing clinical psychology to support our internal residential, education, social work and fostering teams.

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