Education for Looked-after Children, Day Pupils & for Children with special needs

Specialist Education: Case Study

Education helps stabilise Mark’s Life

Mark was 15 when his placing authority first referred him to Five Rivers. He had been placed in care since the age of 11 and already had 15 placements when he was permanently excluded from yet another PRU. Entering his last year of statutory education, his prospects appeared bleak and this downward spiral meant that Mark began to show suicidal and dangerous behavioural patterns. Five Rivers supports the educational needs of young people by offering flexible bespoke packages and support programmes.

Immediate Stability, Safety and Education:

Mark was referred and admitted to one of our Specialist Therapeutic Residential Singleton homes, which offered him full 24 hour 2:1 staffing levels.

An integrated care and educational programme was developed to bring the stability, personal safety and educational experience to Mark. A temporary educational placement was immediately put in place which followed the differentiated national curriculum programme enabling Mark to follow more practically based subjects, in addition to English, Maths and Science. This enabled him to have some group work combined with home tuition.

At the same time Mark was given a variety of outward bound experiences to improve his physical health and help raise his self esteem.

Wrap Around Service Proves Successful:

In less than 6 weeks Mark became less aggressive, his self esteem and values improved and he began to see that by succeeding in education he could really have a future. At this stage both Mark’s placing authority and Five Rivers felt that as part of his pathway programme it was the right time to move him to a Five Rivers Group Living environment nearer his home.

A Smooth Transition Is The Key To Success:

With various care teams and educational providers working closely behind the scenes, Mark’s move was smooth and well co-ordinated. Additionally it meant that he could now live with other children of his own age and develop friendships. Whilst he still had periods of challenging behaviour these were closely monitored and offset in his new found interest in education and the benefits it offered.

Education Points The Way Ahead:

Mark receives one to one support from a full time teacher who often accompanies him to group lessons as well as providing home tuition. Whilst Mark is still deciding what career path he wants to follow he has requested and experienced vocational educational taster sessions in construction, catering, sports & PE and mechanical engineering. His educational experience has helped him realise that through education he has a chance to succeed and make a success of his life. Additionally his exposure to a wide range of environments has helped him understand that he has to adapt and behave appropriately to the environment that he is in.

The above depicts real Five Rivers case studies. Names have been changed and actors used in the films to protect the identities of the children and young people involved.