Could you be a foster carer?

Five Rivers recruits and supports foster carers to provide safe and caring homes for children, young people and, occasionally, whole families who are unable to live either with their natural family or in the wider community.

We need to ensure that the people who come to live with our foster carers are given the best opportunities, so that when they leave their care, be it a few weeks or a number of years later, they are better equipped to manage their lives outside the care system.

To achieve this goal as a carer is not an easy task; it has special challenges that require some special qualities, and because of this we are looking for carers who are:

  • child-focused and willing to offer a caring and secure home environment to children and young people who may be challenging and difficult to manage
  • resilient, tolerant and patient
  • willing and able to accept guidance and advice about working as a foster carer
  • prepared to work as part of a team of professionals and others involved in the lives of children and young people.

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