How we work

Our Integrated Care Management Model (ICMM) is a Framework for Assessment, Planning,  Management and Outcome Monitoring at Every Stage of the Child’s Care

Using the framework we are able to design a bespoke package of interventions to support the child’s emotional, psychological, physical and educational needs. The package may call upon the services of a team of different professionals within Five Rivers:

These could include, depending on time and need:

  • Foster Carer – providing committed and consistent parenting
  • Social Worker – supporting child in care
  • Fostering Support Worker – supporting family/carer
  • Child Psychologist – supervising psychological assessment
  • Therapist – delivering support to the young person and/or carers
  • Overnight Support Carer – delivering respite
  • Qualified Teacher/Virtual Head Teacher – providing specialist educational support

External Liaison

We can work flexibly and seamlessly with health professionals, local authority personnel and suppliers of therapeutic and occupational activities.

We have developed several specialist packages to meet identified critical needs. The cost of each package is calculated according to the range of inputs required:

  • Children with Emotional, Behavioural and Learning Difficulties
  • Children with Physical or Multiple Disabilities
  • Parent and Child
  • Stepping Down – from Residential into Fostering
  • 28-day Emergency Bed

All packages include, as standard;

  • Clinical supervision of carers and staff alongside Five Rivers regular supervision.
  • Dedicated support worker
  • Therapeutic work with the young person (appropriate to ability where there is a learning difficulty).
  • Activities that encourage the young person’s attachment, positive personal development and self-esteem.

Specialist Services

Specialist Education Service

Children and young people benefit most from a mainstream education wherever possible, but some young people in foster care may require the consistency and dedication of a specialist team: Five Rivers employs educationalists to work alongside supervising social workers and fostering support workers to assist and guide our foster carers.

We provide direct access to a range of educational assessments, specialist provisions and a Five Rivers Virtual Head Teacher for young people who are not in education.

Assessment and Therapy

Our team of highly-qualified child psychologists and psychotherapists are equipped to efficiently resolve the behavioural and emotional expression of Adverse Childhood Experiences. Our team can refer children in need of psychological support to a network of certified practitioners in a wide range of occupational and psychological therapies.

Five Rivers Child Care Fostering Service – Statement of Purpose – March 2018

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