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My name is Colette Abbis and I’m the service manager for Five Rivers Fostering in the Midlands and North Region. Since 2001, we’ve been providing foster placements from our three offices spread across Derbyshire, Hessle and Stockton on Tees. We have developed excellent working relationships with the many local authorities from right across our region, and they know they can rely on Five Rivers’ foster carers and their families who are committed to provide an outstanding service to children and young people. Our fostering families have access to therapeutic support and guidance to help them to look after the many vulnerable children and young people who need care.

Currently we are recruiting new foster carers from across our region, which stretches from the East Midlands and Staffordshire, through Derbyshire and Yorkshire and up to and across the North East of England.

We are looking for a diverse range of foster families who can offer a home to children and young people with complex behaviours, as well as sibling groups and parent/s & child placements. What foster carers can expect in return is to be valued and respected as members of our team. You’ll earn fostering fees that recognise your skills as a carer and receive specialist support, 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. You also receive paid holiday and comprehensive ongoing development, and take part in opportunities for all our fostering families to come together. Our team are friendly, experienced and open. I promise you will have the best experience of working alongside us and together we can make a difference to children’s lives.


“My carer is the best carer I have had. He is very respectful of me and I am very happy. I have increased my independence.” – An 11+ year old young person

“My carers are good. I really enjoy it. I am safe and happy, and part of the family.” – Another over 11 young person</p>

“I like living with my foster carers because they do lots of family things together like going to the cinema and taking me on holiday. This year I hope to go on a plane! Their cooking is great too!” – A young person

“The supervising social worker is very easy to work with, she is on the ball, and I can always get hold of her.’ Another said: ‘There is good communication. She works hard to keep me in the loop.” – Two local authority social workers

“My husband and I have fostered with Five Rivers for three years. We both feel that during that time, due to the training and support we have received, that we have developed both professionally and personally.  Our confidence in our own ability, due to this support, and the advice and information we have been able to access around managing the young people in our care has cemented our view that the decision we made to become foster carers was the right one for us and our family.” – A foster carer

“I really like living with my foster carers as they are giving me lots of opportunities to try new things.” – An under 11 young person

“I live with my partner of 32 years, we have been fostering with Five Rivers for around 9 years we have had 4 long term placements with us and a couple of respite placements. We love the job we do because you see the change you can make to young people’s lives. It’s not an easy job but it is one of the most rewarding.  The support we get from Five Rivers is excellent. There is always someone on hand when needed and the company are very child centred. At the present moment we have a young boy placed with us and he has been here near on two years. He is a very pleasant young man but he is not without his own issues. He will tell you he loves being here because he can swim now and he goes on holidays. We take him on bike rides and he’s going on a big ship next year – he is so looking forward to this and he loves his Lego!” – From a foster carer

“The team at Five Rivers have welcomed me to my role and have been amazingly supportive.  Communication is great and there are lots of training and networking opportunities offered.  Clear pathways for advice and help are provided and I always feel reassured that I can ask about for anything! I feel really positive about fostering with Five Rivers.” – Tim

Comments from our Ofsted report

“This is a good service overall because children and young people have their needs met in stable and safe fostering placements… their confidence increases, they develop skills for independent living, and their outcomes improve as a consequence.”

“Foster carers continue to develop their skills through good and relevant training and regular support and supervision. They are valued members of the professional team.”

“Staff are committed, knowledgeable, well supported and effective in providing good support to foster carers to ensure positive outcomes for children and young people”.

“Local authority social workers also comment positively about individual supervising social workers. For example, one social worker said: ‘The supervising social worker is very easy to work with, she is on the ball, and I can always get hold of her.’ Another said: ‘There is good communication. She works hard to keep me in the loop.”

We were judged to be a Good service in 2016.

I hope you’d like to proceed with your interest in becoming a foster carer with Five Rivers.

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