Calling all Five Rivers Fostered children - I'm NEO the Five Rivers Children’s Participation Champion! Whenever you see me, you know I want to hear about what you are thinking and feeling. Here’s your chance to get involved with lots of stuff in Five Rivers:

Young Creator

Design, write and make things like books, art, graphic design, film-making, poetry, and music.

Young Recruiter

Help find the right people to work with you and other young people. Learn how to interview new staff and foster carers.

Young Trainer

Help make materials to train staff and foster carers like DVDs, guides and leaflets.

Young Assessor

Tell us how good the staff are at looking after you and things like how good the food is.

Keep it Plain

Be a proofreader and help us make sure that the things we write, which you need to read, are easy to understand and look nice.

My Life Plan

Get involved in making your care plan and set your own goals - see how much you are progressing!

How can I take part?

Just ask. Your foster carer can help you find out more about how to take part. Have your say.

Why is participation important?

The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child says young people have a right to a voice and to participate in decisions that affect them. In response, Five Rivers has developed three Participation Principles and our Youth Council formed a Children’s Charter based on these principles.

Five Rivers 3 Participation Principles

  1. Participation is valued and the views of children and young people are taken seriously.
  2. All children are given the same opportunities to be included in decision making that affects their lives.
  3. Participation should be a fun, creative process and children’s and young people’s achievements rewarded and celebrated.

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