About us

About us

1 home awarded ‘Outstanding’ and 6 homes awarded ‘Good’ by Ofsted

Turning children’s lives around through the delivery of high impact sector leading services.

Since 1989, we have been providing therapeutically-informed practice. Our residential homes are places where girls and boys can recover from experiences of abuse, neglect, family breakdown and trauma.

Five Rivers Child Care offers a range of high-quality residential environments around the country providing local authorities with resources and expertise to deal with challenging and complex behaviour which is beyond the capacity of local service provision.

The emphasis is on creating opportunity for change. Staff are trained in therapeutic communication styles which promote child well-being through a combination of authentic warmth and an authoritative parenting style which is proven effective across a broad spectrum of needs.

There are different styles of home to correspond to individual needs – whether for solo or dual accommodation, group living or emergency support:

Services offered:

  • Non-emergency escort service
  • Assessment of educational needs
  • Extra psychological assessment
  • Dedicated on-call team
  • Dedicated bedrooms kept ready for emergency placements
  • Individual therapeutic interventions

Additional supporting services available:

  • Travel services with support
  • Dedicated on-call team available for discussion and consultation
  • Psychological assessment
  • Educational assessment
  • Individual therapeutic interventions
  • Family work


Our experienced practitioners are trained and supported by Five Rivers Assessment and Therapy Services’ expertise to deliver specialist clinical inputs.

Five Rivers Child Care’s residential service is constantly investing and reinvesting in our homes with enhanced living spaces, improved administrative efficiency and innovative, holistic approaches informed by latest research in the sector.

For further information about these services
tel: 0800 389 8708 (option 2)
or email: residential@five-rivers.org
"Young people live in a stable, caring and nurturing environment that supports them to address their past trauma and complex histories" - Ofsted 2015