Emergency Residential

Emergency Residential Child Care – Ilford, London

“The home actively celebrates diversity and difference. The staff team includes numerous ethnicities, ages and specialisms.” – Ofsted 2015

“I’ve never felt as welcomed as I have here. I feel the staff are really supportive at all times and I have felt part of the household since I arrived. Thank you very much to all” – Young person from a rural Midlands authority.

“Your report is excellent and demonstrates your organisation’s level of knowledge and the therapeutic service you are clearly offering vulnerable young people” – Midlands authority.

“Thank you for your input with our young person at this critical time … and for your flexibility and support which has been invaluable” – London borough.

Our Emergency Residential Child Care Mission

Our purpose is to provide a successful response in the face of crisis or emergency, which may occur in children and young people’s lives and provides a safe and nurturing environment in times of placement breakdown or crisis. This bespoke response will be based on the different presenting needs of children and young people following careful consideration of compatibility and an adequate risk assessment.

Children and young people can stay at for up to a period of 17 days, in some instances and when necessary the child/young person will be allowed to stay in placement for further 11 days, totaling a maximum of 28 days in placement. This additional time is to allow placing authorities adequate time to seek an appropriate long-term placement. Where opportunity is available transitions to our longer term services may be available and following risk assessment and compatibility.


  • Reduced or no incidents of violence, self harming or running away
  • Improved emotional stability
  • Positive linking in to new placements or return to family
  • Enabling and empowering young people to be listened to and to contribute to their care plan
  • A report detailing behaviours, potential causes and healthy responses with recommendations for future care provisions and highlighting areas of concern


For further information about these services
tel: 0800 389 8708 (option 2)
or email: residential@five-rivers.org
"Young people live in a stable, caring and nurturing environment that supports them to address their past trauma and complex histories" - Ofsted 2015