Goodmayes: Emergency Residential Placements

Group Living Residential Children’s Homes in London

Goodmayes is our Emergency Residential Service located in Ilford – Essex.

  • Age: 11- 18
  • Capacity: up to 6
  • Gender: Male and female
  • Goodmayes is a Specialist Residential Service for Adolescent males located in London
  • Call our Placements Team to discuss availability on 0800 389 8708

This Residential Children’s Home specialises in working with Children and Young People of both gender who are at risk of a foster placement, residential or family unit break down.

Staffing ratios remain consistently high, ensuring we are able to offer placements at short notice via our national on-call system.

At Goodmayes we have adopted a therapeutic model of residential child care.

This systematic approach provides a powerful framework for assessing and identifying previously unmet or undiagnosed needs through the supervised application of Psychology within a residential environment.

Based upon our clinical assessments interventions can normally be delivered within a short timescale.

Every placement is carefully designed and developed by our clinical teams who provide weekly consultations with our practitioners to deliver strategies to intervene in patterns of behaviour.

This expert clinical oversight is provided via external Psychologists, their findings can be applied whilst developing care plans for each child or young person.

These strategies will reflect an intensive problem focused assessment of behavioural problems, a hypothesis for the underlying emotional causes and a proposed treatment strategy for both short and longer-term.

Five Rivers can further support moving on plans into our own group living residential programmes or identify a family within our national Fostering Service.