Integrated Care Management

Integrated Care Management

The whole ethos of Five Rivers Child Care is to treat a child or young person as a whole and therefore we adopt a holistic approach offering therapeutic, clinical support and educational support when individually tailoring care plans for each of our looked after children.

This can only be made possible in a therapeutic-based organisation, where assessment, intervention, consultancy and training runs across each of our Five Rivers Fundamentals i.e. in our Residential, Education and Fostering Services, we create an integrated, therapeutic environment, supported by our Assessment and Therapy Services.

In this approach, where we work in an integrated way involving Education and Assessment and Therapy services (even if the children are not be attending our own school service or receiving support from our internal Assessment and Therapy service), attention is also paid to health, nutrition and physical well-being, all fundamental to a child or young person’s development.

Our Integrated Care Management Model


Every child’s therapeutic, clinical and educational needs are unique. Five Rivers does not subscribe to the ‘one model fits all’ approach. A child or young person can be helped to access a range of resources by Five Rivers and our approach is to create a bespoke, integrated package of interventions and support during the child’s or young person’s journey.

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"Young people live in a stable, caring and nurturing environment that supports them to address their past trauma and complex histories" - Ofsted 2015