Social Enterprise

Five Rivers, a sector leading Social Enterprise.

As a Social Enterprise and an independent care provider of services to children and young people we seek to invest in supporting the attainment of the best outcomes for children and young people.

A key area of focus is the increasing of knowledge around effective assessment of need as this underpins the significant changes we support children and young people make.

Some examples of our development areas are:

• Anna Freud Centre (London) research partnership seeking to validate an attachment measure for children under 10 years and also a new video based interactive assessment for adolescents;

• Knowledge Transfer Partnership (Bournemouth University, Exeter Medical School) is now into its 3rd year to develop the Five Rivers assessment procedure to develop a protocol of effective assessment and measuring of outcomes.


“A social enterprise is any company that is primarily driven by social objectives and whose surplus is reinvested in to the organisation or community rather than creating profit.

Five Rivers is a member of Social Enterprise UK

We have consciously chosen this model of practice to be in direct opposition to the nature of venture capital investment and profit driven organisations which currently operate within the sector.

By functioning in an ethical manner we are free to invest heavily within our organisation to support our social objectives and this is demonstrated through the quality and reputation of our

  • Training Programmes
  • Practice Development Teams
  • Human Resources Department
  • Research & Development Department

All of which are a direct benefit of working with a Social Enterprise and have been created with a view to support our mission ethos and values working together through integration towards the psychological well-being of children placed with Five Rivers.

We are currently working to ensure the interventions we make do make a difference through research in conjunction with universities and the knowledge transfer partnership initiatives.