Five Rivers

Fountain House Education Suite

Fountain House School (Education Suite) is situated behind Fountain House home, located in Leeds, designed to educate a maximum of 6 pupils who are already being cared for by Five Rivers Child Care.

Whilst the pupils walk around the outside to get to school in the morning, during the school day, facilities within the home can be safely accessed across the playing area. Within the Education Suite there is a classroom, an ICT and reading room and two toilets. The main classroom is located upstairs and benefits from a high ceiling and lots of natural light. Downstairs there is an ICT and reading room, which again benefits from natural light from the large window.

The computer area has two PCs and a printer/copier, which are all connected to the internet. There is room for two pupils to sit at each PC. There is also a reading area with two comfortable chairs and a large selection of reading books. The books cover a wide range of reading abilities as well as a wide range of interests, including fiction and non-fiction.

Clannad School

Clannad School is a small intimate learning environment in Orpington, London borough of Bromley. The school is well organised, calm and tranquil, creating a safe and nurturing environment in which pupils can work and learn. There is a broad and balanced curriculum in operation at Clannad engaging pupils in a range of learning experiences. Learning outside the classroom is a feature of the children’s experiences and there are regular educational visits and opportunities to contribute to the local community.

Preparation for ‘next steps’ and information, advice and guidance is a strong part of the education on offer at Clannad. College places and work experience give children a chance to get to learn about how their dreams and aspirations for life ahead can be realised.

National Outreach and Consultancy Services

Our Outreach service is a valuable educational resource which provides anxiety free learning that is relevant,
experiential and informed by rigorous assessment.

The Five Rivers Outreach service is designed to fill educational gaps for children and young people who are unable to attend their designated schools and provides a service designed to help children and young people move forwards and achieve academic qualifications.

Learning in the community or at a local authority designated space can remove the ‘phobia’ of school, offering time and space for reflection in order to address issues around behaviour and develop coping strategies. Support to re-integrate pupils back into school or college can also be accommodated.

Our Ethos

Children engage in learning in many different ways, and by our adopting a multi-sensory approach to teaching and learning, our students make progress. Through the philosophy of providing persistent aspiration, high energy inspiration and ‘relentless’ care, and supported by the Cornell University Therapeutic Crisis Intervention model, our pupils create positive relationships with our staff and each other.

Students are offered the opportunity to take internal and externally accredited courses and examinations and we are working towards the new standard of GCSEs to be introduced in 2016.

We encourage students to achieve:

• AQA Certificate of Achievement
• Entry level GCSE
• BTec
• CoPE
• Wider Key Skills e.g. Community Volunteering

We provide a programme of community speakers for our pupils and offer charity days and coffee mornings for the local
community and arrange work experience in order to develop essential skills.